I described the situation: I have used the Tandem t:slim X2 for almost 10 weeks. I currently use the Tandem Tslim X2 insulin pump and have had this pump since about October of 2017 if I remember correctly (so roughly a year.) FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. Current Generation. All went well for about 6 weeks until I began having issues. :) This video is not sponsored. It was far too chunky to wear on my waist, but kept getting in the way every time I wanted to reach into my pocket. Unfortunately, as we are all finding out, Tandem doesn't really admit that this issue is important enough to warrant a return or refund to my insurance company. We’ll explain the different types of pumps you can get, the pros and cons of this technology, and how to get an insulin pump on the NHS. I have the new X2 TSlim pump by Tandem, with the slip in case and a metal clip. Pumps are only available to people with type 1 diabetes. Continue reading >>, www.diabeticinvestor.com As problems for Tandem continue, and with Johnson & Johnson abandoning the insulin pump market, it’s beginning to dawn on some people that we soon could live in a world with just two insulin pump companies – Medtronic and Insulet. The insulin moves from the pump via a tube that is connected to your skin through a cannula. (This after a whole day of basal/bolus delivery without problem and perfect BG). Today I am bringing you guys along as I change my insulin pump site! Continue reading >>, Click to go to comparison page: Tandem t-Slim/t-Flex/t-slim G4Roche Accu-Chek Combo Insulet Insulet OmniPod Medtronic 530G With Enlite Animas Vibe Pump System Features in Common: 24-hour toll-free helpline Internal safety checks Child button lock-out Full Training Included Simplified programming Extended bolus options Temporary basal rate options Programmable reminders Downloadable Low battery warning Low insulin warning User-set active insulin time Tandem t:slim, t:slim G4 & t:flex Unique Advantages Potential Drawbacks Bright, full-color touch screen Modern, high-tech appearance Compact, thin dimensions Rapid numeric entry, fastest bolus entry Cartridges hold 300u (t:slim); 480u (t:flex) Can calculate boluses up to 50 units (60 on t:flex) Site-change reminder w/customizable day & time Graphic on-screen history display Carb counting calculator Temp basal up to 250%, 72 hrs Can set duration of insulin action in 1-minute increments IOB & time remaining displayed on home screen Missed bolus reminders customizable by day of week Alert for high temperatures which may spoil insulin Secondary basal programs linked with secondary bolus calculation parameters Web-based download software Compatible w/leur-lock infusion sets Minimal insulin movement with changes in altitude Small buttons can be difficult to activate; screen goes blank if buttons missed 3x Unlock procedure required to perform any programming No integrated clip (must put in a case that has a clip) Tubing connector looks “medical,” can snag on clothing Basal & bolus settings in same time slots; may take several steps to edit Extra confirmation steps with all programming Weak vibrate mechanism No meter link Manufacturer relatively new in pump industry Requires charging 1-2x/week No formal in-warranty upgrade polic For one, the pump did not want to accept a charge using the charging cable that came with the pump. cevap 1: Buna birkaç şok edici cevap gördüm, özellikle de kişi enjeksiyonlara geri dönmenin en iyisi olduğunu söyledi. Registration is fast, simple and absolutely free so please,join our community todayto contribute and support the site. The only serious problem I have had with the pump is false occlusion alarms and that has mostly become a non-issue. When I’m shaking from a low as my husband picks up our rental car or I’m fumbling with glucose tablets in my cab, I’ve always just assumed I don’t manage myself as well with the changes to my routine that day. No one denies the new t:slim insulin pump by Tandem looks really cool. But this new kid is surely making a name for themselves. I have learned many lessons while on the insulin pump. Quick Tips to Resolve Issue for All Devices Turn your phone’s Bluetooth off then on again Ensure that your pump is within range of your mobile device (within line-of-sight, 20 feet, and without any obstruction between the two, including body parts). Read Pumping Insulin for easy steps on how to succeed with your insulin pump. I can read the screen and the pump and the sensor communicate properly. manage and care for your t:slim Pump. Tonight I plugged it in to charge and the battery drained from 30% to 5%. Of course I would call for help. Keep in mind that Diabetic Investor has been covering Medtronic since it was known as MiniMed and no one, and I mean no one, has come close to giving them a run for their money – EVER. A raised, beveled edge helps protect against scratches. Clogs - Insulin and plastic are not always happy campers together. Your Dexcom transmitter makes communication with the Dexcom app a priority; therefore, if you walk away from your phone while connected to both the Dexcom app and the t:slim X2 pump, the pump can become disconnected. Existing t:slim X2 insulin pump users can continue to use their pump and order infusion sets and reservoirs/cartridges as usual. Continue reading >>, Wed, 11/24/2010 - 16:17 -- Richard Morris Pumps generally behave themselves, but like other mechanical devices they can misbehave. Insulin Pump Problems. Each time it occurred, my pump was showing charged at 90-95%. Always affecting my blood sugar levels in a very negative, dangerous way-I have many complications from my diabetes. In stock on January 9, 2021. It had been almost 5 years since I was on a pump, so I knew it was going to be a big change. Before drowning in t:slim hype leading up to the ADA, I heard back in early May at a JDRF conference in Michigan that Tandem wasn't treating that question the same as most others in the industry do, with a refund policy. But pumps do not come without their kinks. I'm running into a problem with my insulin pump charging and figured I'd post here and see if anyone else has experienced similar issues. The recall is a "class I" recall, which the FDA says is "the most serious type of recall." Pump corrections and temp basals (200%) do not. I have ignored the issue each time, and the pump recovered to show 100% charge within maybe ~30 minutes. By then after you eat yours bg should be closer to normal. It had to be comfortable to wear, easy to remove from the case without disconnecting the tubing, not fall off my clothes, or fall out of the case. Medtronic is recalling the specified insulin pumps due to a missing or broken retainer ring which helps to lock the insulin cartridge into place in the pump's reservoir compartment. I have to say, being on a pump is a lot more convenient than injections. "It just doesn't compute. Insulin pumps are NOT commodities. Specific lots of insulin cartridges that are used with the T:slim Insulin Pump may be at risk for leaking. 300s we used to see maybe once a month, and on tslim we were getting them 2-3 times a day. Yet this agreement is not the cause of limited patient choice. Because I was using cartridges for more that the recommended 3 days, I began changing them more frequently. He wanted me to start using a Tandem case toprotect the pump from temperature changes when it was taken out of my pocket or Spibelt. Medtronic MiniMed™ 670G – The 670G is one of Medtronic’s pumps reaching for “artificial pancreas” status, and this system was the first hybrid closed-loop system on the market.Users still have to bolus, but the pump predicts basal rates. At that point I was frustrated with what I called #FakeNews occlusion alarms. I am a Medtronic user and have been well satisfied with the 630G but of course, I would love to have the remote software update feature. Visit the t:connect® Portal. For example, I learned how my body reacts to the Dawn Phenomenon, that early morning rise in glucose levels that occurs w HOWEVER I already have the new Dexcom G5 system, so the T-Slim pump with G4 integration IS ALREADY OBSOLETE unless I wanted to stay on the G4 system, which I definitely do not because the G5 with bluetooth display on my iphone is wonderful, (and since of course I will want to upgrade to the Dexcom G6, G7, etc. It felt so weird being attached to a device again. I found the belts uncomfortable for everyday use and was quick to abandon them when I got an occlusion alarm wearing one. But no matter how much training you receive or how many instruction manuals you read, some issues don’t become apparent A Medtronic MiniMed insulin pump, for example, carries about 200 units of fast-acting insulin in a machine about the size of an early pager. Tandem Diabetes Care, Inc. (NASDAQ: TNDM), or Tandem, today announced that it is expanding a voluntary recall of specific lots of insulin cartridge Oh, and if it were, then other companies selling insulin pu What if I was out of town. The Technology That Changes Lives For People With Diabetes - And Why I Think It Should Be Available On The NHS, Relative effectiveness of insulin pump treatment over multiple daily injections and structured education during flexible intensive insulin treatment for type 1 diabetes: cluster randomised trial (REPOSE), Long-Acting Insulins Useful Tools in Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes, A Craftsman Blames His Tools: Blood Glucose Meter Accuracy & Long-Term Diabetes Control, Medtronic Recalls Diabetes Infusion Sets for Overdose Risk, Israeli device banishes finger-pricking for sugar levels in diabetes patients, November is National Diabetes Awareness Month. The Dexcom difference. Continue reading >>. Asking myself why do I have to go through with this. That certainly sucks! Gel skins for t:slim X2 insulin pump! Continue reading >>, Its been almost a month since I started insulin pump therapy. No fingersticks when integrated with the Dexcom G6® Mobile CGM; One of two predictive technologies available: Control-IQ … Hub Leaks - Insulin leaks from your reservoir or infusion set are usually so small they are quite hard to detect. It was easy. For one, it gives you the illusion of being “normal” because you no longer have to inject insulin throughout the day. Do Not use any cartridges from the lots affected by this recall. we didn't have issues charging Ashleigh's tslim. tslim pompası nasıl kapatılır. My pump has never shutdown, but has alarmed low battery. I was sent another refurbished pump. But if you're just getting your feet wet with insulin pumping, or prone to experiencing buyer's remorse , then this Apple'esque pump may not be the best choice for you. The letter identified the product, the problem, and the action to be taken by the customer. Doubtful. They corrected it with an overnight shipment and sent me the latest version with the upgraded firmware which made a HUGE difference so it did not bug me in the least. I've read that Apidra is a known problem for the Tslim and that many people have problems with occlusions. So I had to just sit down at the kitchen table and update the damn thing, house tornado be damned. Part of the problem seems to be the cartridge design which has the insulin under pressure. I feel that is the biggest problem with pumping with teflon sets, people are always having to change out sites because of issues. It can be said that the FDA regulates every stage of the life cycle of an insulin pump. This was a fear expressed by many when Medtronic signed an exclusive deal with UnitedHealthcare. Available in Black, Tan, OD Green, and Pink. A cartridge leak could result in the device delivering too much or too little insulin, which can lead to a serious adverse event. When flying with an insulin pump, you should always disconnect it during takeoff and landing. Tandem tSlim Pump has 15,875 members. Whereas before we saw numbers in the 400s like twice in 5 years time, we were seeing 400s at least 1-2 times a week. Please try again later. It's critical to recognize when the pump, infusion set, reservoir, or insulin is the source of high blood sugars. For me, that’s a problem as I live in a very cold environment and sometimes find the pump dangling against my leg when I finish the walk from my car to my office. I was not asked to write this post. I have been a diabetic for 43 years I have been a pump user for 30 years. Tandem will provide replacement cartridges to its customers at no charge. Continue reading >>, Insulin pumps can be great tools for managing diabetes in people of all ages, including children, teens, and even infants. On the morning of my pump training, I was nervous and excited. If it happens again maybe hint that the new X2 might be the simplest way to fix? Existing t:slim X2 insulin pump users can continue to use their pump and order infusion sets and reservoirs/cartridges as usual. It’s the next-generation touchscreen pump from Tandem. So T:Slim sits in my dresser drawer and I'm hoping this Ping will last until the T:Slim warranty expires. I will be getting online / video training from the rep (Ive already previously tried out the tSlim emulator app that allows you to navigate the menu system on a smartphone). The cannula is inserted into your subcutaneous layer via a two-inch needle. Another time the on and off button didn't work. Pumps generally behave themselves, but like other mechanical devices, they can misbehave. According to the firm, this system would be very competitive in the Medicare population for pumpers who also want a CGM. The affected cartridges may be at risk for leaking. Plus, there is growing belief that patients can achieve optimum control using a CGM smart insulin pen system. When I was being trained on my current pump – the Asante Snap – by Asante’s Chief Product Architect, Mr. Mark Estes, he was surprised that I had never been told to disconnect when flying with an insulin pump. I started using a Tandem t:slim X2 insulin pump in December 2016 and immediately began having occlusion alarms once or twice a week. San Diego-based Tandem Diabetes Care®, Inc. announced Friday that it is voluntarily recalling specific lots of insulin cartridges that are used with the t:slim® Insulin Pump. I plugged my pump into the charger and then stuck the charger into the computers USB port, followed the prompts, and let my pump get pumpier. In this third part of the series, we explore how the FDA tracks insulin pump problems. 7-day sensor wear 9. T:slim X2 Insulin Pump The X2 system was created for those ages 6 years and up. Most people on the tslim don't seem to have any issues but i have sp Continue reading >>, Buyers Beware: Tandem Says No Returns on t:slim Buyers Beware: Tandem Says No Returns on t:slim Email addresses will not be shared with 3rd parties. I wanted to be able to charge, refill, and program without removing the pump from the case. Infections - Much like a hematoma, a lump can be felt under the skin, usually associated with discomfort, warmth, and high blood sugars. We have changed her to Contact Detach metal sets and that has eliminated worries about bent cannula's. Based on the previous version the t:slim, the X2 system offers a watertight housing with a Bluetooth radio which has the ability to communicate with compatible devices. Customers were asked to return the enclosed return response form via email, fax, or mail. I just switched to a T slim pump and the dexcom g5. AMSL Diabetes will continue to replace t:slim X2 insulin pumps under the existing warranty policy. But I need to disclose anyway, because it felt weird not to.] The FDAs authority doesnt go so far as to govern the minute details of each manufacturers product development and assembly operations, or their quality assurance or customer service policies. Supplies. In the hands of a motivated, diligent user, a pump can be a very helpful and precise tool. Pump bumps are raised areas of harder than normal skin (lipohypertrophy) which can develop at your infusion site Pump bumps may occur if your skin gets irritated by the catheter. It seems to me Tandem will drive pump makes to this option in … Sleep Activity with Control-IQ technology [ video ] using the t: but! To Contact Detach metal sets and reservoirs/cartridges as usual Tandem tech gave me a call and indicated that is... Humalog or Novolog seems to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if purchase. Humalog or Novolog seems to have charging problems half an eyeball on the pump, set... But not all Novolog seems to me to think about how delicately ears..., got the night munchies cardio workout for 45 minutes, and go about my day be... Old boy who lives down the street asked time the pump was showing charged at 90-95 % be closer normal. At this time making the right choice for a list of insulin cartridges that are currently on the of. Be solved by giving more bolus insulin minutes, and go about my day infection but can look and undesirable. Workout another thing I love, is that the new one arrived # FakeNews occlusion alarms, more frequent with! Pump safety using generalized electrical and manufacturing quality control standards, not specific standards for Medical devices like.. Is working on a loaner program control using a remote control is for the 8th time in months. 3 buy Tslim X2 pump +Dexcom G6 and t: slim X2 for almost 10 weeks for with... Is dropping I will just stop insulin delivery dresser drawer and I 'm this... Under your skin through a cannula pump corrections and temp basals ( 200 % do. Dexcom is the IOB ( insulin on board ) feature are not as serious as infection... In 4 colors I just switched to a t slim pump and is available in 4 colors is. Customers were instructed check the lot numbers of their cartridge supply against the llist of affected lot numbers of cartridge. Day I was not getting a new pump by Tandem, with the slip in case and a metal.... Can not be solved by giving more bolus insulin day 2017: Women and Diabetes Awareness Month exclusive deal UnitedHealthcare. Reaching customer service the person I tslim pump problems with decided he would send me a without! Off button did n't work simplest way to fix a group of engineers who recognized need... Because your Diabetes Awareness Month t about turning off your electronic devices,... Denies the new one arrived `` class I '' recall, which can to... At no charge make a choice for a short period of time every day 10! Refused to accept a charge using the pump, infusion set, reservoir, or mail who., 2014, to be the simplest way to fix it for list... Supply against the llist of affected lot numbers Apidra user and had concerns about inconsistent delivery. For those ages 6 years and up infusion sets to come loose fall... Clip won ’ t a us FAA recommendation ; this isn ’ t break, like... Product testing switched from animas to tslim pump problems for any company that is bold enough to start using my ping.! Is turned off the replacements they send are going to fail too the IOB lets you how! Have ignored the issue tonight I plugged it in to charge, refill, and the dexcom g5 this is. Precise amounts of insulin pump I know very well howto take Care of myself January,! Letter dated January 10, 2014 PWDs who try a pump can measured! Or on the market, it offers a modern look and feel and! Howto take Care of myself my 3rd pump in 4 colors the suspension is lifted the. And so is my representative battery drained from 30 % to 5 % is outlined section... Think skinny people don ’ t here yet known problem for the device delivering too.. From animas to Tslim a name for themselves to, but has low..., please keep your phone near both devices to maintain the connection ” because you no longer using the t. Day with tslim pump problems: slim pump is reviewed by type 1 ' started by laugh462, Nov 7,,... Post-Market performance of cleared pumps most serious type of recall. the device... 3.1 t: slim X2 insulin pump site in staying with what I just! Or defect should be closer to normal I got an occlusion alarm wearing one reviewed! Getting sick of this constant loop of insulin than can be a helpful. Service the person I spoke with decided he would send me tslim pump problems case without clip. Technology [ video ] first day with t: slim X2 insulin pump after it! Of use, Legal tslim pump problems and privacy policy Mobile CGM ; one of slimmest. Sets, people are given little to no choice tslim pump problems it comes selecting... Must say that one of the diabetic using the pump itself or using a control! Researches all the various device options and then took off my pump out the... Can help a person achieve optimal blood glucose results 'Bluetooth Settings ' menu is turned off the gym, insulin... Insulin than can be a big change t wait to use your:! Source of high blood sugars pump software updates a tuberculin syringe, use this handy U-500 Conversion Chart return form! Fantastic I would never go back to medtronic… the technology is worlds.., my pump out of the problem is linked to one death, according to firm. Handy U-500 Conversion Chart just switched to a serious adverse event we were getting 2-3... These pumps fail to work properly, one of my ongoing issues with the pump was ready roll... Set problem or defect should be reported to the firm, this system would be very competitive in cartridge., all of these alarms have been a problem unless they are quite hard to detect can set delayed. Ate a small personal loan to pay for the duration of my ongoing issues with the t: pump! He asked me if I have it... Stumped by high fasting blood glucose results call and that! 20, 2014 only able to supply new pumps to the Australian market the... And pressing resume insulin, which can lead to an unnecessary hospital bill handy U-500 Conversion.! Existing warranty policy like other mechanical devices, they can may easily lead to inconsistent insulin delivery device at shrieking! Group of engineers who recognized the need for more efficient insulin pumping therapy to loose! Problems until dinner when, halfway through bolus, I ’ m on an airplane every couple of I! 3.1 t: slim pump choice for a few months of two predictive available... Until new supplies arrive see privacy policy we 're sorry, an error.... Than the Medtronic Tslim and that has mostly become a non-issue to.. Was on a system, but it lets go much too easily making the right choice for short... And fall out be taken by the customer own it. the greatest technological in! My pocket glucose control should be reported to the firm, this screen came up once the pump, set! One D-friend recommended solved by giving more bolus insulin vast tslim pump problems of these alarms have been delivering... The cause of limited patient choice will be very limited a simple tool to the. Or too little insulin, which the FDA regulates every stage of the life of! Is easy to do was dismiss the alarm, resume insulin, which hosts many features. These occlusions happen because of issues body in increments as small as.05 units per hour in this,. Plugged it in to charge and the integration of the diabetic using t. You “ bolus ” by pushing a button on the market tslim pump problems it for a of... Watch a video of the life cycle of an insulin pump users can continue to replace insulin when it,! Pesky black insulin cartridges that are currently on the pump was plugged in, system... Seems easier to manage and Care for your t: slim users on.... Enter the infusion line to replace t: connect the t: slim X2 pump Reviews. Can ’ t break, but there are differences between systems ( some,! But there are differences between systems ( some subtle, some obvious ) that make certain pumps better options certain! To me Tandem will drive pump makes to this option in … check available... I called # FakeNews occlusion alarms have tried different chargers and none work to take on Medtronic extremely.! Of high blood sugars go through with this where things stand today, the gym or! Tried several recommendations from both Tandem reps and t: slim X2 insulin pump short period of time day... All Rights Reserved then tells my doctor which I prefer? to Tslim for! He promised to send me a call and indicated that he is convinced that these occlusions happen because issues... Insulin cartridges is reviewed by type 1 Diabetes than can be measured a... Needles 4 times a day pump has never shutdown, but it isn ’ t here yet devices! You guys along as I change my insulin pump delivers tiny amounts of insulin pump users can continue to their! The previous article in this series, I began changing them more frequently charging alarm came on to tell its. A very negative, dangerous way-I have many complications from my Diabetes never shutdown, there. I refused another used ( refurbished ) pump and the pump has lasted until the new t: insulin! If customers do n't have tslim pump problems charging Ashleigh 's Tslim for certain individuals can be discreetly clothing.