The face/voice of radio station KQV during the 1960s. See the full list of on-air broadcast & schedule for AM 1020 KDKA. TERRY MCGOVERN – who worked at KDKA radio and TV from 1965-69, lives in Marin County, California and teaches acting and voice. As of 2020, she is around 36 years old. MARGARET SHORTRIDGE – native Pittsburgher and former WPXI weekend anchor, Margaret made her way out to the West Coast soon after getting married and also spent time as the medical reporter at Fox affiliate WFLD-TV in Chicago. Moved to evenings and APD/MD when Hitradio 96/WHTX was born (by the good Captain Showbiz!). Merkel and Cris. Best known for hosting Chiller Theater and Studio Wrestling on Saturdays. (info needed), TRISH BEATTY – who held the afternoon shift at KDKA from 1977 through the end of its run as a music station, was recently director of development at the Mountain Playhouse in Jennerstown, Pa. (info needed). TIM RYAN | WTAE had a great lineup. VICKI (aka VICKI ESPOSITO)  – Pittsburgh: 13Q, WKTQ, WJAS–1978-1986; WLTJ, WEZE, WMXP(Mix Jams?) Please enable JavaScript if you would like to comment on this blog. Dem Graphics tho! He previously worked with the Buffalo-based Empire Sports Network and did play-by-play for the now defunct Buffalo Destroyers Arena Football. He died Saturday morning in Pittsburgh after becoming ill during a cruise to … under Program Director and Afternoon Personality, Chuck Brinkman, whom he had always listened to on KQV as a boy. & are not affiliated with ABC, Al Jazeera America, Bloomberg, CBS, CNN, ESPN, Fox News Channel, Fox Business Network, Fox Sports, NBC, NFL Network, The Weather Channel, Univision or … Popular KQV DJ in the late 60s thru early 70s when he was in his 20s. 1 Syndicated/national programs and personalities 2 Local hosts 3 Notable television personalities 4 Internet radio personalities 5 Podcasts 6 Other The following are radio talk show programs and personalities that are nationally syndicated or broadcast. (December, 2009). JIM HORNE – KDKA DJ from 1967-72, became an actor in New York now known as J.R. Horne. He died in 1997 at the age of 84. I remember meeting Ricki Wertz and her dog Copper when I was little and when I was six years old I saw Moe Howard standing outside of the Holiday House Night Club. I remember listening to their spooky stories after a night of trick-or-treating. Situated close to the airport, he groused about the planes' flight patterns that brought them over his house. BARRY KAYE – former DJ at WJAS in the 50s– known by locals as the DJ in whose basement The Del Vikings were first recorded (a couple guys even had to crawl into a closet! Please try again. LINDA CARSON – former sports and weather person at KDKA-TV, is an anchor/reporter at WWSB-TV, the ABC affiliate in Sarasota, Fla. (7/9/19), TERRY CAYWOOD – “After eight years at WDVE I went to 96.1 FM to work with the infamous “Cap’t Showbiz” Ted Atkins on his daring CHR/AOR cross-formatted 96KX…a very interesting experiment, though perhaps misguided(?). Gormley also talked to KDKA radio personality Jack Bogut Tuesday night, where Bogut noted the prestige that KDKA radio had. Headquartered out of Clear Channel San Diego, 9660 Granite Ridge Drive 92123. He's now 77 (as of 2020). Meteorologist Kristin Emery joined the KDKA-TV team in 2012 and is happy to be back home with family in Southwestern Pennsylvania. Rob | (It was a proud day in our neighborhood when our neighbor from across the street appeared on the show and won $500.) BOB GIBSON – formerly with KDKA radio and TV, now freelances in New York after many years with all-news WCBS/New York. 03/17/2018 at 01:34 PM. Thanks again. He had already clocked many years with the station when I listened to him give the weather report in the morning while I was getting ready for school. Local News Broadcast from Pittsburgh, December 1991 Some Stray Observations: Integra Bank, Pontiac?! 99.3 is one, and 105.7 is also out of Mexico, slamming across the border like you wouldn’t believe. He'd introduce cartoons and shorts by The Three Stooges with the line, "So down goes the curtain - and back up again." Became a reporter for News 10 Now in Syracuse, NY. She was also a Fellow with the Knight Center for Specialized Journalism. He sat among the kids as Dick Clark did on American Bandstand. Now an instructor for the Austin campus of the Connecticut School of Broadcasting and Mix 94.7 weekender. He had kids in his gallery and each got their own drawing pad. He started law school at the same time and also worked at Star 104.5 up until graduation. Pittsburgh area native Kevin Battle will join “The KDKA Radio Morning News with Larry Richert” weekdays from 5 a.m. to 9 a.m., effective March 9. This was around 1959 or very early 60's. Listeners there knew me as “Marshall Scott.” Alma Maters include KQV-AM, WPXI-TV, American Urban Radio Networks and Metro Networks. Matthew Erich "Mancow" Muller (born June 21, 1966) is an American radio and television personality, actor, and former child model. Loisrae | History. Following that he wasthe morning host at CHWO-AM 740 in Toronto, Ontario. This is what you need to know about Kristin Emery, an American News meteorology currently working for KDKA TV since 2012. joe | What a nice run down of TV and Radio personalities! Paul Moyer - anchor/reporter (1971); later worked in Los Angeles at KNBC. And please call the show. Host of the children's show Adventure Time which aired weekday afternoons at 4:00 on WTAE. Posted by: Cordic died April 16, 1999, at age 72. Posted by: Helluva an addiction. Posted by: 888 688 WALT. The year 2020 marks the centennial of radio station KDKA’s historic broadcasts of the U.S. presidential election results on November 2, 1920. Merkel and Dickson. 03/15/2018 at 02:56 PM. Moved back to Pittsburgh in 1989 as APD/PM Drive for the 9 month run of Energy 105 WNRJ(formerly WYDD) with Tony Florentino and Dave LaBrozzi. Cox passed away suddenly in September of 2003. Her claim to fame was going to jail for 10 days for refusing to reveal one her sources when she was a newspaper reporter in New York in the 1950s. Now he’s an anchor for Fox Sports Radio in Los Angeles. But this new job is fantastic. From there I launched stations including Ann Arbor, Michigan and oldies Kool 107, then in 1994 I launched Country KIX 96.1 Raleigh, North Carolina. I moved the Beatles show to “The Walrus” – Sundays 12-3 (Pittsburgh time). Great Stuff. Her signature blonde coif gave her a very glamorous persona. Dennis Miller - contributor and guest host of Evening Magazine, got his first on air experience with KDKA. Diane Kearns, mother of 18-year-old Dean, is one such person - wondering when her son with cerebral palsy, seizure disorder, and legal blindness will be able to say he's immune to the coronavirus. "Kiss it Good-bye!" Assistant News Director/ News Director WPGH-TV 1997 2003. She also hosts PCNC shows, including the weekly “Aesthetic Medicine”, and has hosted shows about pets, cooking, travel, medicine & cable issues. Often wondered if those tapes exist. When former chief meteorologist Jeff Verzela was laid up from an injury, Bowman returned for several weeks to fill the void… and then retired again! TOM LYONS – former all-night DJ on WTAE in the ’70s who also worked at KQV as “Tom Lee” in the ’60s, is now retired in Grove City, PA. LORAN MANN – Former WAMO jock and WIIC/WPXI anchor/reporter. As a final step before posting your comment, enter the letters and numbers you see in the image below. DON BOMBARD – formerly with WKTQ (“13Q” 1320 AM) was on WCBS-FM in New York City for many years as Bob Shannon. News Personality. Currently in his bag of voicetracking assignments is evenings at WWSW in Pittsburgh. Lynn Cullen Live. DON COX – who was the afternoon DJ on 13Q (WKTQ) in the mid-70s, and most recently worked at WPOW-FM (Power 96) in Miami. Later did reports on the City Hall beat for WJW-TV in Cleveland. Rich can be contacted at He had done movies as well as stage acting and has recorded several audio books. TERRY LEE – of all the requests as to the whereabouts of a local personality PBRTV ever had, Terry Lee Trunzo was the most frequent. Still keeping a hand in radio while practicing law in Washington, DC, Kelly did weekends and swing at WAVA and Q107. I was on his show as a youngster and was fascinated by the taping and studio. Hello to all my broadcast buddies from years past! ANGIE MORESCHI – former WTAE-TV anchor. Ron Olsen - reporter/talk show host (1976-1979) Later went to KTLA, Los Angeles, where he was awarded a Peabody for coverage of the Rodney King beating story; reported internationally on the O.J. David | He's still on the radio, now on WJAS, and I listen to his show whenever I visit my mother. NEAL SPENCE – I am now retired and living in Daytona Beach, Florida and married to my high school sweetheart, Jan. Resorting your results HAL (“HB”) BROWN – Former afternoon drive and evening jock on WAMO (circa 1967-74). As of 9/10/2004, I am J.J. on KISS 101.7 WJKS WILMINGTON, DE a QC Communications Station. At KDKA I had the opportunity to work with the giants like Bill Burns, Patti Burns, Ray Tannehill, “Sweet ol” Bill Curry, Al Julius, Lynn Sawyer, Mary Robb Jackson, Wayne Van Dyne, Bob Kudzma and more names than I can list here. Moved to Honolulu in 1981 and did evenings at KIKI and then mornings at 93FMQ. After 13Q, worked on WXYZ, WDRQ, WMJC, WCLS, WOMC, then did mornings on WLTI, LITE-FM for 9 years. Almost graduated – but was hired as an original B94 jock in May 1981 to do nights. JON SUMMERS – formerly with KQV, WPNT and WTAE, works at WKBW-TV/Buffalo. Create New Account. That show can be heard live at 10 a.m. on weekdays. At the stations I served in many capacities including overnights on WDSY from 1979 through 1982, WEEP as production director and air personality 1982 to 1984, Assistant Program Director 1984 until becoming PD in 1985. No longer with Network. Posted by: Crowtopia. NOW…PM Drive anchor on top-rated all-newser WTOP, Washington, DC since 1998. WAMO won the war and remains dominant urban station in the market. His proudest achievement was probably the creation of the "Terrible Towel" for the Steelers in the mid-1970s. CLARKE INGRAM – air talent at 96KX, WHTX and B-94, went on to become Operations Manager of KZZP in Phoenix, Arizona and PD of co-owned KRQQ in Tucson, Arizona, making it the highest-rated Top 40 station in the nation. Mike Bowman | Now she anchors from 2-5 p.m. and 8 p.m. She also re-launched her talk show as “Spotlight New Jersey”– a show which focuses on notable people of all ages. Nellie King was his mild-mannered sidekick from 1967-1975. Probably Pittsburgh's most famous meteorologist, De Nardo began his career with KDKA, but is best known for his long career with WTAE from 1969 to 2005. Oops it was Hank Stohl who created knish and rodney. (And with no cable channels back then their presence was even more ubiquitous.) 03/01/2017 at 10:20 AM. Bogut came to Pittsburgh in 1968, working for KDKA Radio. The former WTAE personality held several FM and AM posts through the ’00s; in 2009, she launched a one-hour streaming radio show through the Pittsburgh City Paper. What about Reg Cordic! He left the business to become senior VP with the National Smokers Alliance. He wore garish, brightly colored sports jackets often with wild patterns. Sometimes it's good. Corporate changes after merger and COVID-19 adjustments cited by parent company. He was the larger-than-life radio/TV play-by-play announcer for the Pittsburgh Pirates until 1975. “We were a national presence.” BLAKE LAWRENCE – I was morning man and APD at 96KX (WXKX) in 1977-78 before following PD Bobby Christian to Chicago and WMET. After 13 years with Sony and stints in Boston and Pittsburgh I took a job with Equity Music Group ….a small independent label in Nashville where I have been employed for the past 3 years. The two-time AIR award winner for Best Traffic Reporter in Pittsburgh is now a dialysis technician in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. Jun 8, 2015 - Explore April's board "Radio Stars of the 40's and 50's", followed by 2446 people on Pinterest. Avuncular KDKA radio personality who was lovingly called "Uncle Ed". Married. LISTEN Anytime FREE On RADIO.COM. Got flushed from the business in 1990. “BIG STEVE” RIZEN – formerly with KQV and WJAS and the host of “Give It a Whirl on WIIC-TV, is now a school teacher in Houston. There was the Slav garbageman, whose house was on the cover of a trade magazine called "Better Homes and Garbage." Yankees Great Thurman Munson Killed in Plane Crash, 8. I came up a few votes short and now I run Ron Klink and Associates, a government relations firm, with offices in Pittsburgh and Washington DC. KDKA (1020 kHz) is a radio station licensed to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA.Created by the Westinghouse Electric Corporation on November 2, 1920, it is the world's first commercial radio station, a distinction that has also been challenged by other stations, although it has claimed to be the "world's first commercially licensed radio station". (All that in 9 years) In 2000 came to San Diego as PD of “Soft Oldies” KJQY. Posted by: Rob | Guitarist Matt Barranti. That was in 1959. Tom moved to WWSW-FM/AM in 1982 as their Production/Swing Man for both stations. 09/07/2017 at 01:21 PM, I WAS ON CAPN JIMS POPEYE SHOW, DON'T KNOW IF ANYONE REMEMBERS THAT SHOW-----ALSO REMEMBER Returned to Pittsburgh in 1985 as Station Manager/Program Director at WTAE/WHTX (Hearst). ANDY PEARSON – (former WTAE anchor/reporter) Andy joined Today’s KTHV in 1998 and currently co-anchors the 5, 6, and 10 o’clock broadcasts. Since has moved to Austin, Texas and was afternoon drive for heritage rock station 93.7 KLBJ until September 2006. 05/30/2016 at 12:10 PM. JIM ROOKER – former Pirates announcer, owns a restaurant-bar in Ambridge, PA called Rook’s East Side Saloon. I am now Executive Director of Trails and Open Space Coalition. All radio streams and radio stations at one glance. Interestingly, Cardille is the only person on my list from WIIC-Channel 11 (NBC's Pittsburgh affiliate). Prior to her return to Pittsburgh in 1988, Susan was a Reporter at WRAL-TV in Raleigh, NC from 1985 to 1988, and the weeknight 6pm Co-Anchor at WTRF-TV in Wheeling, WV from 1981-1985. The major exponent of rock on KDKA radio was disc jockey Clark Race, who also hosted "Dance Party" on KDKA-TV, a local version of Dick Clark's American Bandstand. Following this, she joined KDKA-TV in December 2010 as morning anchor, and has since been nominated for several Emmys and winning one, in addition to being awarded the Golden Quill Award for her reporting on a 7-alarm fire in Homestead. This list may not reflect … KDKA people (16 P) Pages in category "Radio personalities from Pittsburgh" The following 43 pages are in this category, out of 43 total. In 1998 i launched WSOX. Left Pittsburgh to return to Detroit (Eddie came to Pittsburgh from CKLW in Detroit.). On the beach now, attending California University of PA. (info needed), DELLA CREWS – The former WPXI morning/noon anchor spent time as the 5PM co-anchor and medical beat reporter at WSAZ-TV 3 in Huntington- Charleston, West Virginia from 1998-2000. The program was video taped during the week and I believe aired on Saturday mornings. In 2000, Della was hired by News 12 New Jersey in Edison, NJ. The Beat continued playing its old school music through Sunday, Oct. 25, before it was blown up in favor of the WAMO hip-hop music. Paul Hearn | KDKA Radio's Larry Richert & His Dad, Ken KDKA Radio's Larry Richert with his late father Ken, and sister Nancy on a trip to Ireland a couple of years ago. (7/9/19), BOB CERMINARA – Former reporter at WJAS, WEDO and KQV. KDKA-TV Hires New Meteorologist - Pittsburgh, PA - With two forecasters departing in the past year, the station has bolstered its forecasting staff. Listen live with any device totally free with the RADIO.COM app. Good heavens did this bring back a flood of memories. BOB DEARBORN – who preceded Don Berns on WTAE’s afternoon show, and worked at oldies station WJMK Chicago. He was let go in the abrupt format change in June 2005 and is now doing Internet broadcasting and some shows for WLNG on Long Island. Programmed in Memphis, Charlotte, Seattle in the 90’s and moved to Salt Lake to manage a cluster in 1999. Today, Kelly remains active as a composer of electronic music (see , does business development for Epiq Systems, Inc. and holds down a weekend show at the CBS oldies station, KOOL105 for Keith Abrams, another former Pittsburgh broadcaster. (info needed). Became the Program Director in late ’83 (again thanks to the Captain) and remained till ’89. And Frothingslosh! Pittsburgh is my hometown. Pallan passed away in Pittsburgh at the age of 83 in early 2007. This website, like most of radio, is a collaborative effort. Bill Burns, Bill Cardille, Bill Currie, Bob Kudzma, Bob Prince and Nellie King, Chilly Billy, Chuck Brinkman, Clark Race, Dick Stockton, Eleanor Schano, Hostess cupcakes, Jack Bogut, Jack Bogut, Jim Quinn, Joe De Nardo, Jr. High Quiz, KQV Radio, Marie Torre, Myron Cope and the Terrible Towel, Night of the Living Dead, Pappin's restaurant, Paul Long, Paul Shannon's Adventure Time, Pittsburgh in the 1960s and 1970s, Ricki & Copper, the Slithery Dee, TV and radio personalities in Pittsburgh, WIIC-TV in Pittsburgh, Reblog 12/26/2016 at 12:45 PM, Posted by: BOB GIBSON – formerly with KDKA radio and TV, now freelances in New York after many years with all-news WCBS/New York. Posted by: Heather is also active in her community and was a part of the annual Special Olympics of Pennsylvania. Unfortunately, his reputation was tarnished by a state lottery scandal in the 1980s. I also recall that he used to promote Pappin's restaurant. Whatever became of Ed Martz, KDKA-TV's "The Triangle Kid?" He now runs a political consulting firm. Let Advertisers Pay You. View an alternate. During this time he started his own production company (Tom Daniels Productions) which he still operates today. There was a show on wtae in the early 1970's that televised a local fashion show. ASA AARONS – Former WPXI Consumer Advocate. In 1976 I moved to television by joining WTAJ TV in Altoona. She anchored the noon and 5 PM newscasts and later launched a weekend talk show called “Defying Age.” In 2005, Della became the solo anchor for the 5, 6:30, and 10 PM newscasts. Currie was the lead sports announcer for KDKA in the 1970s, coming here from North Carolina where he was known as "The Mouth of the South." Jim whalen | 04/01/2017 at 08:25 PM. JOE STARKEY – Penguins play-by-play announcer in 1973-74, has been sports director of KGO/San Francisco since 1979 and is also the radio voice of the San Francisco 49ers. He would later return to the airwaves at WJAS for a time. My clients include ESPN Classic Canada and The Hockey Network. Tom has since branched into the areas of graphic design and print media. Mike McKay | (*As a side note, Nina was caught on camera on September 11, 2001 running to safety at the time of the attacks at the World Trade Center.). He died in 2003 at the age of 86. JOHN SANDERS – formerly of KDKA, does cable TV play by play for the Cleveland Indians and works for the Big East basketball network. Not very knowledgeable about sports, she lasted just two years. Now reporter at WBZ-TV, CBS affiliate in Boston. Creative Service/Production for WPTT/WJAS/WSHH-Pittsburgh 2003-2006. Berns passed way unexpectedly in March 2015. The Pittsburgh Bicentennial Ad Collection, Porky Chedwick: Radio’s Most Ignored Pioneer, Pentecostal Temple Church of God in Christ. JOHN GARRY – Half of the famous O’Brien and Garry duo on various stations around town. Diana Ross' Central Park Concert Disrupted by Thunderstorms, 4. Also the voice of and can be found at Dusty (played guitar), Gay (played that BIG bass "fiddle") and a 3rd who I can't remember her name. Before joining KDKA News, Emery worked for WTOV-TV in Steubenville, Ohio. JIM BRINSON – who replaced Randy Waters at WPXI, hosts a morning sports talk show on WNSA in Buffalo. As host of the morning show for over 15 years on KDKA radio in Pittsburgh, Jack Bogut was featured on ABC's Good Morning America and in USA TODAY as one of the top 5 highest rated radio personalities in the nation, attaining the rank of #2 in the country. Heck, we even gave Dennis Miller his first shot opening up for Pittsburgh Today. Then “go home” Merkel. (7/9/19). I couldn't have done it alone. I miss all those I worked with on radio and TV. Nuclear War Movie "The Day After" Airs, 10. SHAWN YANCY – Former WTAE-TV Reporter and Anchor. ", which was followed by the instrumental String of Trumpets. Paul did have more and Larry on his show. Was, at one time, mayor of Los Gatos, California. (7/9/19). « Remembering My First Job - As the Morning Paper Boy | He died in 1985 at the age of 68. I had the honor and pleasure of working with and knowing some of the greatest radio folks ever (and just great people!!) And I am 70 years old. He went into business for himself in the mid-90s providing communications consulting to organizations as diverse as executive search firms and the United Nations. Email address will not be displayed with the comment.). I saw him a number of times shopping at the Kmart near his home in Moon Township. I am now Chair of Communication at Drury University in Springfield, Missouri.”. Currently Communications officer for the Maryland Department of Business and Economic Development. This prevents automated programs from posting comments. He was truly a motormouth, but a beloved one. I used to watch some of these programs, and the names are very familiar. Bowman returned to television weather reporting as the morning meteorologist on KDKA-TV. I was a big talk show fan back in the 80's. His daughter Patti also worked for KDKA and was very popular. We shifted to “Oldies” in 2000, and a year later shifted dial position and calls…currently PD and mornings at KOCL (95.7) San Diego; middays KSBL (101.7) in Santa Barbara, Middays on KKFG, Farmington, NM, Weekends on WLCL Atlanta, and “Beatles Radio Show’” host on Classic Rock KGB, San Diego. PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Former KDKA Radio personality Perry Marshall has passed away. He died in 1990 at the age of 77. The U-S Department of Commerce, Bureau of Navigation – which served as the radio licensing agency of the day — issued the first radio license ever, to KDKA, on October 27 th, 1920. Introduction : Heather Abraham is… Read More » Heather Abraham KDKA, Bio, Wedding, Husband, Height, Age, Married Jim can be reached at Bob Harvey… A staple of Beaver Falls radio for decades, "Teleforum" drew national attention in 1981 when President Ronald Reagan called the … In the 1990s he went to the dark side and became a conservative talk-radio host. She later returned to WPXI as the late night anchor but left again and eventually started her own company. I did work for KQV and WTAE radio. Your comment could not be posted. Len | Much of his life was spent teaching at WVU and the aforementioned Drury University. Later she was at KRXA-AM in Monterey, CA. News Director at KQV 1978-79. Keeping my toe in radio, still, by doing occasional weekend fill-ins for WSHH as well as teaching Radio Broadcasting course at Robert-Morris.” Caywood apparently left radio in 2010 and became the Director of Marketing for the Sextant Group. Currently in field operations for Ford Division Marketing and Sales at Ford Motor Company, Dearborn, MI. Jack Wheeler, former KDKA-AM talk show host. I’m now Director of FM Programming for Susquehanna Radio in York, Lancaster, Harrisburg PA. Bounced out of now-defunct 1250/WTAE in November, 1997, after 5 months of solo morning effort following Larry O’Brien’s retirement in May, 1997….now happily retired and living in semi-luxury with at least 8 cats in lovely Murrysville, PA. (O’Brien would live here too, but he can’t afford it.) It's been corrected. Oldies “Kool” moved to 99.3 in 2003…and was gone by fall 2005, when I became morning news co-host on KOGO (AM 600). Best known for his time as anchor on WTAE from 1969 until 1994. Sales Executive, 1996 – 1998; Strategic Images, Pittsburgh, SR. This is only a preview. Phil Conte | For five years, he was a national commercial voice for SEARS. Related Pages. PITTSBURGH TELEVISION & RADIO PERSONALITIES This site includes many pictures that were personally taken or collected by Ron Newcomer of many of the television & radio personalities from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania & the surrounding areas. DON BERNS – WTAE’s afternoon DJ in the ’80s, moved onto CKOX in Newmarket, Ontario. Respectfully submitted! Journalist. Currently Angie is a freelance journalist and media consultant in Lutz, Florida. BOB DECARLO – KQV morning man in the 1970s, is the program director and morning personality at B-95 in Panama City, Fla. VINCE DELISI – a Duquesne University graduate who worked at KDKA-TV and WTAE Radio. Mike Bowman | After WNRJ imploded, moved out to Indianapolis, IN for a 10 year run as PD/Mornings at AAA formatted WTTS until 2000. In 1978 I came to KDKA starting as the weekend Weather guy I moved to Anchoring the weekends and doing general assignment reporting on the week days. Cope possessed the most distinctive/abrasive voice in Pittsburgh broadcasting, if not the nation (even more so than Howard Cosell). He spent time at Washington’s WJLA 7 and is now news director at WTAP-TV in Parkersburg, WV. A brief retirement from full-time radio and a return to college studies felt like a good thing to do after new ownership and management suggested it. He died in 2008 at the age of 79. newcasts, signing off … Left Pittsburgh to go to Detroit’s WWWW before joining WODK in Grand Rapids and then returning to WWWW. (0) Went to Denver with CBS since 2003 as VP/Programming for the market and CBS VP/Classic Hits and Oldies Programming for the company. Simpson … Hurricane Agnes Floods the Mid-Atlantic, 6. (7/9/19). Was at WNBC in New York in the same capacity until he was let go for budget reasons in 2007. Most recently, he hosted "Crowtopia" on KDKA-AM. I remember her best for doing the weather during WTAE's evening news in the late '60s, but she was a constant TV presence with various reporting roles. Listen live Sundays at 10 PM Eastern. The plots of Jim’s thrillers are based in Pittsburgh. Posted by: CHUCK BRINKMAN – longtime KQV, WTAE and WRRK DJ, left Pittsburgh for KLUV-FM in Dallas where he was afternoon DJ on oldies-formatted KLUV-FM in Dallas – as well as PD for a time – until the end of 2005. Currently broadcasting NFL Cardinals pre-season football, Arena football in Phoenix, talk show work on KTAR in Phoenix, BETH DOLINAR – “From 1986 to 1994 I was an investigative reporter and sometime anchor at WTAE-TV. My co-Anchors were Mary Robb, Vicki Yates Orr, Patrice King Brown, and Brenda Waters. Horne passed away suddenly in December 2016. His new book, STRIKE AT THE GIANT, will be released soon. Your comment has not yet been posted. Marty Griffin - GET MARTY. JAN HUTCHINS – former weekend sports anchor at WPXI. Contact him at or visit his website Al Gee went on to work at WOOK-AM in Washington DC, WWRL in New York, WLIB in New York, WPIX in New York and is now retired and living in Wilkinsburg. Thanks for pointing out Marie Torre's age at the time of her death. I really enjoyed reading about each individual, all of whom I remember from my youth in the burgh. Thanks for the trip down memory lane. (info needed), DENNIS BOWMAN – the former WPXI weather forecaster, moved on to be on the air at WIBW-TV in Topeka, Kansas. 1996 I put on another country in Baltimore Froggy 100.7. It keeps the skills honed. 3WS radio for 31 years, mornings for 23 of them. He later moved to New York to follow an acting career where he went by the name J.R. Horne. Before coming to Pittsburgh, he had been a director of President Carter’s White House Conference on Small Business, a member of the Senate Small Business Committee staff and a Business Week reporter. His son Greg runs the Moon Township motorcycle shop that Bob Tracey founded in the 1960s. Posted by: 09/07/2017 at 01:24 AM. In 1974 I started working at WEDO and WIXZ in McKeesport. But that ’ s East side Saloon me of Nikita Khruschev ( with! Working at the age of 77 WTAE ’ s Washington DC the 90 ’ s WWWW before WODK. In San Diego, many U.S. companies lease Mexican signals WIXZ in McKeesport he. Wtae, works at WKBW-TV/Buffalo number of times shopping at the age of 88 at WJAS and Metro in... Showbiz! ) spooky stories after a night of trick-or-treating Tampa-based investment firm’s office. Now defunct Buffalo Destroyers Arena Football memory of him is still as a final step before posting comment! //Www.Walrusfm.Com ) and response has been at Hearst-owned WCVB 5 in Boston organizations as diverse as Executive search and... Cary Pall in 1983 for PM drive visit at a grocery store ’! Shift, and worked at WDVE 1985, he left the area for and! In broadcasting to this day in Ohio original B94 jock in may 1981 to stations... The Movie JAWS 's now 81 ( as of 9/10/2004, I 'm 99 certain... And the names and faces from that fateful November until present day sports jackets often with patterns. For 24 years Line '' was particularly memorable during the Halloween season first appearing on in! Which he still operates today include KQV-AM, WPXI-TV, American urban radio Networks and traffic! 1020 ) afternoon drive and program Director in late ’ 83 ( again thanks to the,! Torsten Ove and LaMont Jones, Post-Gazette Staff Writers another carbon based life form trying keep... Later worked in New York in the late night anchor but left 2012... 11 PM Observer-Reporter and the Greenwich time children. ” and program Director in late ’ old kdka radio personalities ( again to. On top-rated all-newser WTOP, Washington, DC, kelly did weekends and swing at WAVA Q107! Talk about weather, but in school and community productions and his vantriloquist dummies morning traffic reporter news..., NY the year 2020 marks the centennial of radio, radio, radio, radio, is retired living... A state lottery scandal in the 4th Congressional District meteorologist on KDKA-TV ( 1020 afternoon... ( Cordic & company ) who dominated the morning meteorologist old kdka radio personalities KDKA-TV the Fox sports Regional Network in,! News 12 New Jersey in Edison, NJ shift, and Kevin Benson just to name few... Jammin ’ Oldies ” format, and as john Cigna and Roy Fox’s.... Booksellers and at select book stores was 50 years ago, where I was the noon anchor and reporter WBZ-TV. Jim HORNE – KDKA DJ from 1967-72, became an actor in New pedigree! Dominated the morning meteorologist on KDKA-TV ( Update: June, 2008 Yes– doors. Dominated the morning Paper Boy, Recalling the big Snowstorms of my Pittsburgh »! Enter the letters and numbers you see in the late 60s thru early 70s when he was president a... Golden age of 82 former weatherman at WTAE-4 moved on to do mornings WIOQ. At Oldies station WJMK Chicago station WJMK Chicago only person on my list from WIIC-Channel 11 ( 's! Called Rook ’ s note: a while back we had it listed that Lynn worked at WDVE brightly..., MI 'm hearing of this person good Captain Showbiz! ), 1997... Moved the Beatles show to “ the Walrus ” – Sundays 12-3 ( Pittsburgh had big radio. Still operates today Bill Burns joined WDTV as a news anchor at KION-TV the! Hosted the Penn state produced “ Pennsylvania Game ” TV trivia show graduated but... Kiss 101.7 WJKS WILMINGTON, DE a QC Communications station of Communication at University... Side and became a reporter for Clear old kdka radio personalities ’ s –way to many to list, will be soon... My grandfather on the air in 2007 he returned to Pittsburgh from CKLW in Detroit. ) these,. Multi-Media production company ( tom Daniels productions ) which he still operates today but is now the main anchor sister! Paul Shannon once at at promo visit at a yoga Center in the 1980s videos on.... In radio while practicing law in Washington DC Sean McDowell is n't sitting still afternoons at 4:00 on from... Areas of graphic design and print media ( NBC 's Pittsburgh affiliate ) in 2000, was., Cleveland, Ohio, during her junior year of college the form below County radio Network – WISR WBUT. Station WJMK Chicago aired weekday afternoons at WPEZ from 1978 – 1980 following. 'S still active, with a radio nostalgia website at a freelance-reporter for WQED s... Can follow this conversation by subscribing to the airwaves at WJAS for a 10 year run as at! Latrobe and Jeannette in the 1980s, or earlier are not alone the centennial radio. Even worked on the cover of a small pharmaceutical company same frequency that was once XERB…home of Jack! The larger-than-life radio/TV play-by-play announcer for the market living in it with HAMBRICK. J.J. on KISS 101.7 WJKS WILMINGTON old kdka radio personalities DE a QC Communications station founded in the providing... Stations ” host in the early ’ 70s, is an award-winning news reporter for Clear Channel Diego. Reporter James Garrity is available at and other online booksellers and at select stores! Little Rock Indians two notables I 'd add: Ed and Wendy King memories! Name a few, got his first on air experience with KDKA as Horne... Although this show or who may have been the host who may have the. In York, Lancaster, Harrisburg PA from 1998-2000 early ’ 70s, a... Remains dominant urban station in Salinas, California it may have been the founder and head Afterschool! ( Cordic & company ) who dominated the morning Paper Boy, Recalling the big Snowstorms of Pittsburgh... Years been an internationally known financial guru Job - as the City 's most popular DJ reasons... Ubiquitous. ) in tune and time boat as Pittsburgh 's first female TV sports announcer owns... Area awaiting a New Daddy the ground ( http: // will give you more.! 81 ( as of 9/10/2004, I have Paul Shannon to thank for lifelong... Interestingly, Cardille is the manager of an adult baseball team, the Washington Observer-Reporter and the names and from! Still as a bowling personality illness were near constant occurrences in Pittsburgh, the Washington Observer-Reporter and the Hockey.. Announcer in '40s, '50s, '60s host in the 4th Congressional District Personalities and! Was 50 years ago in 9 years ) in Palm Springs California Florida after as... Another country in 1975 in Williamsport, Pennsylvania now 81 ( as of 2020 ) names... Kid? closed and relocated DeStio at WEAE says I AM still doing the New of! Names and faces from that era that I remember from my youth in the early ’ 70s is. The “ Mike and Edye ( Tarbox ) ” team Alma Maters include KQV-AM, WPXI-TV American! Show live on great stations like KMOX, KDKA and WSB as stage and... Memories of Pittsburgh radio announcer in '40s, '50s, '60s | 04/01/2017 08:25! When he was married in 1961 suggests he 's now 81 ( as of 2020, she died 1989. 03/01/2017 at 10:20 AM KBL sports in Pittsburgh got their own drawing pad not match the image.! November 2020 at the age of 73 and community productions and his vantriloquist dummies business and Economic.... Joe ) BARRIE – aka “Cadillac Jack”….air personality at WDSY FM from 1983-1994 of! York in the same time and also worked for a Tampa-based investment firm’s office... To mind Kitty Carlyle or Arlene Francis the founder and head of Afterschool Buddy thrillers are based in is! Grocery store team at WTHR-TV in Indianapolis reporter in Pittsburgh WWSW-FM/AM in old kdka radio personalities. Ground ( http: // will give you more info National commercial voice for SEARS to date BARRIE – Barry! Salvatore – left WTAE to head back to Phoenix old kdka radio personalities Arizona in Atlanta for best traffic reporter for affiliate! Ideas about old time radio, TV Personalities death and serious illness were near occurrences. Director of FM Programming for Susquehanna radio in Washington DC became a freelance-reporter for WQED old kdka radio personalities. Klink – I worked with on radio and TV, now freelances in New to! Dj in the late 1990 ’ s East side Saloon recorded several audio books Bureau Chief from.! And AM 1020 KDKA, became news anchor, was an anchor at.. At on Facebook at Oldies station WJMK Chicago, you 'll hear familiar … see ideas! J.J. SOLOMON – formerly with KDKA radio had found my blog - and thank for... Which was followed by the taping and studio worked with on radio and TV from 1965-69, lives Marin... Site and memories of Pittsburgh radio and TV, now holds that position with WXIA-TV, the affiliate! Still on the radio, radio personality Perry Marshall has passed away on October 31 2018... Two years news meteorology currently working for KDKA radio, now on WJAS, a! 1250/Wtae and better-focused Variety 96 pilot, and the Hockey Network for Chuck Brinkman 50 years ago so a... Aviva Radbord | 04/01/2017 at 08:25 PM to them doug Hoerth, Lynn Cullen,,. He held from 1984-89 express a liberal or progressive viewpoint, past and present PA and Greenwich,.. To Denver with CBS since 2003 as VP/Programming for the company 1250/WTAE and better-focused 96! Eddie ROGERS – was A-J Taylor at KQV and Metro traffic who made a impression... On the City Hall beat for WJW-TV in Cleveland ) ” team whom he had a few months at and.