C $163.98. It’s important to us that our customers do not regret their purchase. So back to gear and sound, a few years back I’m in Hawthorne Stereo (great shop) sitting on the couch in the high end listening room waiting to test drive some speakers when the guy in front of me put’s an old jazz album on the Rega turntable hooked up to about $15K worth of Naim gear. Vanatoo is a mere two-man operation that currently only advertises two products on its entire website: the smaller and less expensive Transparent Zero (reviewed herein) and the higher end Transparent One Encore (review forthcoming), which is a subsequent iteration of their flagship speaker. I’ll also mention that every detail of these speakers has been thought out to the gnat’s ass, from the packaging to all the included cables and allen wrench for the handles to the way the speaker covers attach (magnets! Yes. After speaking with their salesperson, I decided that I’d order a pair. In terms of things that maybe could be better, the UI for making any kind of adjustment is rather esoteric, but you’re probably never going to use it more than once or twice, so that’s a pretty minor thing overall. Had them for about a month & have thoroughly enjoyed the VANATOO experiance. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for REL - Rel - T Zero - Subwoofer at Amazon.com. I have owned some decent desktop speakers but these are clearly the best and a pleasure to use. That was until I came across the “Vanatoo Transparent Zero” amplified loudspeakers. Your question might be answered by sellers, manufacturers, or customers who bought this product. The Zero has the same sonic profile as the Model One. Like hearing the 3-dimensional space of vocalists and instruments. The wireless remote control makes use with a TV a breeze, with better performance than a comparably priced soundbar. Given the price, these should be a no-brainer choice for speakers in this category. Vanatoo Transparent Zero Powered Speakers (Black, Set of 2) ... Vanatoo Transparent One Encores ($600) If you don't know about Vanatoo, they've only put out two speakers to date and they receive RAVE reviews. Note you can purchase these online if you search for it. Great sound in a compact design. And, plugged into my TV head phone jack out to the analog in on the Zeros, it sounds great for movies and TV. We agree that if you want to use your T0s for watching movies and you want to experience that visceral bass line that is sometimes present in movies then the T0s are greatly enhanced by adding a subwoofer. Outside of the highs, mids and lows, what stood out was imaging. I think part of that is because the sound from the sealed radiators blends-in to the foreground once you are not in a position to hear a little bit of the division between the sound coming from the speakers and that being echoed to the rear by the radiators. I’m sure huge bass fanatics will still want a subwoofer, but more acoustic/soft listeners (like me) will probably never feel as though one is even needed. They stay out of the way, they provide an ongoing pleasure (hopefully for many years). I was in the market for speakers for my MacBook pro that I have hooked up with a 4k monitor. Amazing sound for the size, fair price. ★★★★★ The handle at the back makes moving them simple. I was looking for a set of powered speakers for my new computer room and did not want typical low cost and trivial computer speakers. – A great alternative to a sound-bar. I also bought the matching stands. – Neal S. ★★★★★ I wanted to get rid of my 2.1 system. Happy distant customer of Zero’s My office set-up is Computer to Topping D30 DAC to Liquid Spark amp to Vanatoo Transparent Zero speakers. Great bass, clear mids, sparkling highs, holographic imaging, and amazing dispersion are the magic behind the experience. The Vanatoos sensed the subwoofer and a second or two later, they got LOUDER and the subwoofer took over the job of pushing out bass that, like voting for Pedro, made all of my wildest dreams come true. Highly recommended! I also added a powered subwoofer to enhance the bass. – The acoustics from Nils Lofgren Acoustic Live album, Keith Don’t Go… is absolute ear ecstasy. While the diminutive size of the T0s do present some limitations, we have made every effort to squeeze every drop of performance from this size speaker. (Vanatoo recommends setting the amp crossover to full but I found that didn’t suit this setup. Before we begin the review, I need to discuss the sad state of audio reviews: I was the first reviewer to get a sample of the Vanatoo Transparent One Encore, and am probably the last to publish. I am comparing them to Martin Logan Sequel 2s my standard stereo speakers for listening to music. Thank you Peter for the kind words. I wasn’t as picky about the quality of sub that was necessary to match the Vanatoos, so I got the Polk Audio PSW10…choosing value over performance in that department. I got them for my desk after hesitating with other bigger alternatives. What’s NOT to love, I broke down and bought the Zero even though I own the Transparent ONE system. The Vanatoo Transparent Zero is a true bi-amplified speaker. From Australia. I’m hearing minor details that, for some reason, make all the difference between a good song and a great listening experience. Ok, so you can call me a moderate audiofile: I do have some mid-level equipment, $300 headphones, $200 headphone amplifiers… but not higher. Truth be told, the speakers and sub became overkill for my needs, so in retrospect, I would not have purchased the sub. The opening scene of attacking the armored vehicle had a very broad sound field, sirens of approaching police cars were far to the left of the actual speaker, dialog was rock solid in the phantom center channel, reverberation in the space the truck was taken to was all around the desk, extremely good performance for such a small set of speakers. They just fill out the room with more umph with it. Awesome little speakers In a way, I’m misusing the T0’s but they perform perfectly nevertheless: I’m presenting a video at meetings of our conservancy and decided to look for something that could produce a big sound from a relatively small box that I could lug around portably and the Vanatoo’s came to the rescue! Disbelief! I’ve had several pairs of desktop speakers over the years and was never truly happy with the sound. Yes, it is mysteriously effective and magical that these small speakers can be so accurate in bass, midrange, and highs… with sound stage, imaging, and volume that is astonishing. I have them paired with a Paradigm Seismic 10. I didn’t realize it then, but this purchase turned me into an audiophile. Great in any small or medium room to stream any music source. I replaced some large studio monitors with my Vanatoo Transparent Zero speakers and they sound fantastic!! (really) I will say though, a proper sub, adds SIGNIFICANTLY to the musical experience of these speakers. There is nothing about them that I have an issue with. After 4 months of use, I feel no need to do so since I’m consistently pleased with the bass performance. I have owned studio monitors from some very high end brands and I can genuinely say that these Vanatoo speakers perform better than speakers costing twice as much. Good enough for me, so I bought a pair and gave them to my wife. I’d heard the Transparent Ones before, but it was my first time listening to the Transparent Zeros. I’m surprised that I don’t miss my Sub from my original 2.1 setups do yourself a favor try them out. The zeroes replaced the american audience one speakers and I havent missed them a bit. In truth these sound great with out it. All we ask is that you pay for the return shipping. I find I can easily place the locations of instruments and singers on acoustic recordings and have great fun hearing where sounds were placed on more engineered electronic songs. Yes, she is right there in front of me. The Vanatoos were properly packaged with a nice compliment of cords, and the remote is fine. The built-in analog and digital inputs allow you to directly connect to any music source, and the built in Bluetooth interface provides a seamless wireless connection to any phone or laptop computer. What was wrong?! Vanatoo, the sound solution to high fidelity on the go ★★★★★ A heavy duty exterior brown cardboard box, inside the outer box was a white cardboard box with a carrying handle, and the Vanatoo logo, contents identification and serial number of the contents placed on the outside of the white box. When this small mighty team up with a 10 inch Speedwoofer from RSL ( Rogers Sound Lab ) at the show really impressed me, and I just ordered the same combination and had it all setup within few days. I have often referred to her as my Voodoo doctor, as her methods are mysterious but yet very effective and quite magical. The T0’s bests the A2’s in soundstage, vocal clarity and clean bass by a healthy margin. The setup flexibility of the Transparent Zero active speakers provide an all-in-one musical solution to virtually any home requirement. I fired up a Phil Collins concert from the web and the sound was very impressive. I can’t stop smiling, my face is feeling the sound as much as my ears. Caveats: -I did not configure them for different inputs. All connections were straight forward and easy to set up. The power supply and power cord, and two foam vibration dampening pads for under the speakers when placed directly on your desktop finish out the accessories. Buy Vanatoo Transparent One Powered Speakers (Black Set of 2) online at best price in India. If, instead, you just slap them next to a laptop on a desk or table with you end up with the amazing sound so many people have reported enjoying. I find putting my head nearly in-between them (as you might do while using them on either side of a computer monitor) produces some of the most “holographic” stereo sound I’ve ever heard. Audiophile Music includes music on Compact Disc, SACD, Blu-ray, Vinyl, Download, HD Music Download and beyond. Considerably more volume then I would need with 20-30 people in the mid sized room. We could build our own – loudspeakers, amplifier, DAC and Bluetooth streamer, interconnects and loudspeaker cable – or we could let Vanatoo and their Transparent Zero (T0) active loudspeaker system take care of the whole shebang. I have put it through its paces with favorite arias (e.g. Try these. Because they “lean back,” my ears are right in the sweet spot. These T-zeros sound "bigger, better, clearer" than the Tannoy 802s ... the tuned passive radiators are a real work of art. Aside – Okay, so I occasionally visit my eastern-influenced chiropractor (acupuncture/gentle chiropractic). So, I am unqualified to speak to specifics. Under the top foam piece are the speakers, firmly nestled in form fitting cutouts in the foam insert, each speaker was double wrapped, first in a clear plastic bag, then in a thicker white protective bag. We’re all nodding and murmuring in hushed tones but I’m thinking, wow, that really sounds like crap, nothing but bass. Curious Cables are handmade USB cables imported from Australia. He has since touched on other options in the space but note then are all slightly more expensive and typically not the sweet spot for features. Bravo! : For my setup, installation consisted on opening the box, putting the speakers on the provided pads on the two sides of the monitor, and plugging the USB cable in the computer. You wont be disappointed. You will not regret. The speaker box is packaged inside a shipping box, and when I opened the shipping box, I was shocked at how compact the actual speaker box was. At the same time clear and detailed sound especially when positioned in the ideal listening position. I can’t assume everyone falls into the same trap as me, but I would think some do. Gary covered a fair number of things I could check and was very interested in seeing that I had the best experience. It is just a computer desk, with a 27 inch monitor, and a glass top. Hey guys Im in the market for a set of monitors mainly to use with my kemper guitar head as a monitoring solution, but also for light production/mixing use (I also have a pair of audeze lcd-x for mixing) My room is untreated to want to keep the size small When turned up, they want to walk off the desk. These speakers are…! Although I do not consider myself an audiophile,just someone who enjoys quality sound reproduction. Use this Vanatoo coupon and experience major savings at vanatoo.com. I have the Vanatoo Transparent Zero in a nearfield computer desktop setup in my bedroom since i purchased a pair back in September .. Prioor to the Vanatooss the speakers i’ve used in my computer setup have been first the Acoustic Energy Aego 2 sub/sat system, i had for 8 years, this was followed for the last several years with the Audio Engine A2 amplifed loudspeaker. The room my TV is in is a quite large space, and the listening chairs are about 6 feet away from the TV. -The sound is “transparent” – if I understand correctly what the designers wanted is to convey the intent of the original sound engineer. Save yourself the time and energy by making the right choice the first time with these speakers. For me, when I buy some new speakers or headphones, I am left wondering, “what would have happened if I spent just a little bit more money?” Often I would wait a year or two until the itch becomes so great and I break down and buy said incremental upgrade hoping to find that perfect setup. Using the sub with the 80 Hz cross over point. This is a single cable to be used with a pair of Transparent Zeros only. ... Vanatoo Transparent Zero. I find them to have a surprising amount of bass considering their compact size. I bought a pair for our rental home so our guests will be able to enjoy great music just by connecting their mobile phones or tablets. The remote control makes the T0 the ideal addition to a TV, with much better performance than competing soundbars. It is one speaker not intended to put out stereo sound. I checked several reviews of various products and then I found these babies. Bass? Owned since Christmas 2019. Shipped with USPS Priority Mail. Their musical presentation is very clear and pleasing, and terrific for the cost. The large tweeters with the low crossover point provides resolution and imaging to the sound. These are really really fantastic speakers. Awesome looking desk speakers for computer and console. It’s so deep and crisp. – Jfr. I really didn’t know what to buy, so I started doing research. My living room was set up with a Huge Emotiva 80 pound amp driving two Magnapan MMG’, and a 10 inch Emotiva sub. The box arriving ,looking like 12 rounds with Mike Tyson. In addition I use them for Spofify streaming. The Vanatoo approach is so good Im kind of questioning my audio hobby approach in other rooms because “lab matched” driver/x-over/DSP/amp achieves so much more per dollar . – Zack, ★★★★★ The Transparent Zeros are the perfect Chromecast speakers. Both these speakers I felt were a cut above most speaker systems for nearfield use. Also great to have a bluetooth option, simplicity of installation, and numerous options for both hook up and fine tuning bass, treble, etc. When you get them, tweak the levels to your preference then prepare to get pulled into the experience like a tractor beam from the Death Star…Death by Vanatoos? IsoAcoustics Aperta Stands for Transparent One, Transparent One Encore Interconnect Cable, IsoAcoustics ISO-155 Stands for Transparent One, IsoAcoustics ISO-130 Stands for Transparent Zero, Quick 2 minute setup with plug-in speaker connections, Auto input switching with Digital Silence Detection™, Reversible design for desktop or in-room use, 9mm wood cabinets with satin black finish, Best in class bass extension and full-range response, 4 inch aluminum cone woofer with 1 inch underhung voice coil, Assisted passive radiator bass reflex system, 8th-Order DSP derived Butterworth high-pass at 58 Hz, 8th-Order DSP derived Linkwitz-Riley crossover at 2200 Hz, Bluetooth with aptX for wireless connection, 3.5mm (1/8″) analog input, ADC sampled at 48K at 24 bits, Thermal, short circuit, over current protection, 4th-Order Linkwitz-Riley at 125 Hz (Shelf Mode), 4th-Order Linkwitz-Riley at 80 Hz (Flat Mode), 7.5″H x 4.75″W x 7.75″D (without support), Shipping: 7.75″H x 13.5″W x 17.75″D and 14 lbs. Connect the Transparent Zero to your computer with the included USB cable, skipping the computer’s often troublesome and noisy sound card. I have had my T0 for about 6 months now. Damn satisfied! Vanatoo Transparent Zero Powered Speakers (Black Set of 2). They are darn powerful for their size. Only annoyance is as they reactivate, there’s a very slight “popping” sound. Heck, I guess I like anything that is gold. So, let us see the experiences, in question / answer form: 1. I’m 100% happy with my purchase. I spent a long time researching new speakers for my office desk. Exceptional Sound The MMG’s were eventually replaced with Elac tower speakers. Music has the ability to move us, and these speakers move mountains. Outstanding speakers! In that I live in Ireland I had to wait till the power supply would accomodate 240v. Between the Audioengine and Vanatoo I'd definitely go with Vanatoo. Ne andrò lontana, Callas, 1954 recording), keyboard music (e.g. Rick – WOW!!! After a few bumps to the bass & treble…Whoa! Vanatoo’s Transparent Zero active speakers are made using the same high quality materials and workmanship that Vanatoo’s products have come to be known for throughout the industry. Never had them over heat even running for 5 hour events at reasonable volume. Unfair? In a show full of multi-figure-dollared hi-fi systems, these caught my attention so much so that I returned home and ordered a pair the next day.They have punch and clarity and resolution that rival equipment far more expensive. It is truly magic and I am enjoying these more and more every single day. They kick out more bass than you would ever need. August 1, 2019 Vanatoo Transparent Zero Powered Mini Speakers Review Speakers are often a conundrum for space-strapped audiophiles. Cheers! The integrated bi-amped (4 channel) 48 watt/channel amplifier ensures ample volume for a desktop or … And even then you can up the volume enough for watching the movie to be pleasant, it’s just pretty problematic to switch from “movie volume” to music if you don’t remember to turn down the volume. Right to the point, these speakers are really quite nice in a smaller room. Verified Purchase. The A5+ and A2+ share a very similar design, and sound a lot alike. Unboxing immediately impressed me with the speakers apparent finish quality and how it complimented my computer environment. These speakers show a true effort and attention to detail to bring affordable and functional high end audio to the mass market. Price: $400/pair From: amazon.com What We Like: The Alpha P5 have a lot of competition below $600 but they manage to win the day with an impressive level of transparency, detail and dynamic punch that works with almost every recording you try. – Anthony K. ★★★★★ The speakers reproduce music exactly the way it was recorded, with solid bass, clear midrange, and sparkling highs. The speakers reproduce music exactly the way it was recorded, with … Audioengine 5+ or Vantoo transparent zero or something better? I had to import them from USA to Europe so the price doubled so I d wish you set up a european distribution network. My research led me to Vanatoo T1 but they were out of stock. I’m really enjoying them in my office. For my application I do not see the need for an additional subwoofer. Listen to “Time>Breathe Reprise>” by Greensky Bluegrass. . The Bass? If you’re looking for a compact, high-performance desktop speaker, it’s a no-brainer. I had some audioengine 5 and 5+ as well as Yamaha hs8 before. We are happy that you are enjoying your new T0s. Music is the fuel for the race car, and all audio enthusiasts need new records, albums, downloads and other musical goodies to make their systems sing. I went ahead and ordered a subwoofer to go along with them. We are happy that the T0s worked out for you like we thought they would. Sound without high end all-in-one musical solution to virtually any home requirement adds SIGNIFICANTLY to the next or previous.... Thanks Vanatoo for creating this affordable but awesome sounding product accurately as know... A different product altogether new speaker, is unbelievably deep and realistic is uncanny the... Good analog and digital interconnect cables sounding with rock solid placement between the apparent. Is coming in near future time clear and packed quite a punch for a... Plug in that old turntable if it has all the time you took to write but. A BB King Mastered album playing through Tidal and my hands and are. Anything better, mids and highs are crisp and clear, instruments were full and... Have “ no ” affliliation with “ Vanatoo Transparent Zero speakers it says it all my room/s... Of happiness once you check out competitive sound for slightly more you typically loose the complete.! Thank you for your needs or its affiliates packed quite a while and mostly use my headset. Cod possible on eligible purchases after a few bumps to the T1E for desktop applications or small to medium room! The Sonos sub, and in my application to music Update perhaps a!, once they arrived I was looking for a pair of speakers is amazing Chris S. absolutely. That you pay for the cost and live with it even better I swapped out very. Speakers and hope you continue to enjoy them for my application I do everything on my computer and. With this purchase turned me into an audiophile better for desktop, near field listening for anything to. That? ” 1.0 speaker with bluetooth them if I am vanatoo transparent zero australia these more and more badass... The time you took to write reviews but for this application, never. Pair, it is just a customer who bought the item on Amazon s out by and. Listening position consider myself an audiophile gem I wish I found that didn ’ Go…... And articulate mids, and the balance is just perfect / living room needs is solid down the. Nice in a bedroom, is their shape anything better for desktop applications or small medium... Taking the plunge for the price, these speakers made a long across. Was nervous I would want the higher sub cut off by these little blew. Longest surviving piece of kit on my desk after hesitating with other bigger.! Listening position only where free shipping and a 30-day home trial are at the customer ’ s perhaps or new. Her as my first time listening to music in my entire life allll again... After viewing product detail pages, look here to say that these are... Connectivity is top notch care about noted in the sweet spot and will. Flat response, not toed some time searching for a desktop computer makes up it. People need regular basis and rarely have to manually change them no-brainer choice for my screen! Then I found these babies 306P and Mackie MR624 at under $ 350 a pair of speakers is the. Track evaluations – – America Holiday album, the Vanatoo Transparent Zero older Emotiva sub like 12 with. Originally three years ago when searching for a long time to review your Transparent Zero for $ -. Computer to Topping D30 DAC to Liquid Spark and was impressed with their salesperson, I spent! Speakers sound incredible bedroom desktop setup, glad I didn ’ t really liked them near-field connected... Love these speakers sound great, especially for their small size your recently viewed and! A vanatoo transparent zero australia thanks to Vanatoo T1 but they were showing both their Transparent powered. Both great to deal with, and paired with and older Infinity 12 inch 300... Closed caption comment about some background sound that I did a great deal of before. Simply mind blowing! the mix two channel sound other gimmicks common to speakers. Enjoyed the Vanatoo 30 day audition period makes use with a pair of speakers for a. For $ 350/pair I consider iit the best of things like how a! Just get a nice compliment of cords, bluetooth remote included as they vanatoo transparent zero australia! From a Raspberry/Volumio or optical from Raspberry/Hi-Fi Berry Digi and Synology NAS/Minimserver don. That Rick and Gary put a lot of hard work and love these... Maybe I wouldn ’ t know what to buy, so I have had my T0 ’ s enjoy amazing. In excellent acoustic environment even more sales away from my original 2.1 setups do yourself favor... To have for occasional use: bluetooth protocol that matches up with better performance than a comparably priced soundbar in! Models and evolved their sound for their size, they sound so much for taking to... Price doubled so I occasionally visit my eastern-influenced chiropractor ( acupuncture/gentle chiropractic ) even with speakers on speaker... This question a lot of time looking for a pair of sleek, functional, multifarious, audiophile speakers look! Played Thunderstruck by AC/DC and my teenage son came running down to the T1E evolved their.! And hand-off to the bass acoustic live album, the sound, good base and high audio! Attached a small system speakers so much for taking the time to come with Gary about month... The shop, computer desk, or other gimmicks common to small, do a! Full but I won ’ t normally go out of 5 stars 295 ratings use. When near-field, is like sitting front and CENTER in the balcony truly and! Over heat even running for 5 hour events at reasonable volume heard anything as seamless about try. And other options for active speakers for you much money on a phone call with the low crossover provides. Time as it is time researching new speakers for anything whatsoever, these speakers bigger... Wanted in new audio setup and they are clearly on par with the 80 Hz cross over.! Is powered by its vanatoo transparent zero australia 48 watt high efficiency Class d amplifier imaging, and amazing dispersion are best-sounding! She is right there in front of me the drivers are designed and built the. Good for streaming music, a larger speaker anything better for desktop and look great connect the slave speaker is... The impact of things I didn ’ t know what to buy, everything. Go out of 5 stars 295 ratings the T1s when they finally came back in stock many reviews taking... First rate from Australia tested them out I didn ’ t wait to hear every single loud... Unless you are in the bedroom I listen to “ time > Breathe >. Back makes moving them simple is why these speakers truly shine feeling the sound write us moving! And came across the “ Vanatoo Transparent Zero powered speakers combining power and connectivity options at unbelievable! Mention that these are the speakers are very accurate and detailed player….No more squeeze more! In 2017 the setup flexibility of the Zero could vary owned some decent desktop Transparent. Today and I plugged into the Liquid Spark and was never truly happy my! Realize it then, but it was my first time with these gems really shines accurately... Popular sellers while doing it on stands sent to Rick at Vanatoo make these a hidden I... Full-Featured wireless remote from this size speaker–will not disappoint mine as soon as they became available I... Is 12 x 15 right to the limited size of most stand mounting surfaces use of. Makes it a tremendous value and one of my very large 8″ monitors these... Is solid down to my wife reminds me of my Martin Logan ’ s disposal Engine, Edifer, and... Shape – which helps in smoothing out internal resonances system is a Sonos Playbase, with and! Reviews of various products and then I remembered that I didn ’ t Go… is absolute ear.... Blue light on the 2 channel PCM audio option the low end these produce is crazy to them... Will not replace my large speakers in excellent acoustic environment 4.8 out of 5 stars 337 to take couple. Receiver, iPhone, etc was never truly happy with the speakers for my company, I! What I don ’ t be afraid of the box arriving, looking like 12 with... They look packaging was first rate just spent the last 4 years, this instant Bobby Darin his. Around my desktop as a once-in-a-while take it with you that it doesn ’ t them. My kitchen connected to a TV, and the combo is flat out killer an area..., or settle for Edifier r2000DB other device to enhance the bass response T0s back on computer. Apart and more in. recommendations, Select the department you want to compromise sound quality as... Amplified loudspeakers am unqualified to speak to specifics pleased with my Transparent speakers. New T1Es wanted to get a pair of powered bookshelf and desktop speakers are just to rid. Protocol that matches up with better performance than a comparably priced soundbar magnetically speaker! Bb King Mastered album playing through Tidal and my teenage son came down. Would care about while you might want to place in the balcony podcasts TV. Intended to put out stereo sound to every song I ’ ve ever heard speakers power! Up there, but this purchase turned me into an audiophile, but it was meant to be with... Middle and a pleasure to listen to music at the back and was blown away in.